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Monthly Website Maintenance Plans

Small business owners are always short on time when it comes to updating their website and keeping it modern, with fresh content and secure for customers. At TGS Web Design we understand this problem and want to help lighten the load. We have put together monthly website maintenance plans for any size website to help you keep your website up to date and running smoothly. Our monthly website maintenance plans cover all the details required to keep your website up and running and looking great. Below are some of the details on the website maintenance plans that we offer.


Website Maintenance Packages Albuquerque

What’s Included in the Monthly Maintenance Plan?

Bronze Website Maintenance Plan – $179/month
The Basic Website Maintenance Plan will free you from worry about updating your WordPress installation, and will give you a resource for a few quick questions.



Services Included
•    Monthly plugin maintenance
•    WordPress theme updates
•    Monthly scan for broken links
•    Monthly backup of website files
•    WordPress updated, when needed
•    15 minutes of phone or email support


Silver, Gold & Platinum Website Maintenance Plans – $299/month and up
With the Bronze, Silver and Gold Maintenance Plans, you can rest assured that your website will remain up-to-date, PLUS you’ll receive technical support or other site maintenance so you can keep your website in top shape and working as you need it. These plans allow your site to grow and change with your business and make room for ongoing improvements.



Some of these improvements could include the following:
•    Keep your site updated with the latest information.
•    Post photos of recent events, new products, or new employees
•    Make seasonal changes to keep your content fresh
•    Change or update new product or service information
•    Update portfolio pages to reflect your latest work
•    Post special online-only coupons or discounts to encourage more website traffic
•    Keep your clients informed of the most current news about your business
•    Make regular updates to your content to assist with your site’s search engine  marketing



Services Included
•    Monthly plugin maintenance
•    WordPress theme updates
•    Monthly scan for broken links
•    Monthly backup of website files and database
•    WordPress updated, when needed
•    Website content changes, updates or support via email, depending on your plan
     (Silver: 30min., Gold: 1 hr., Platinum 2hrs.)



Services Not Included
Recovery of hacked websites is not included in our maintenance plans, as websites can be hacked at any time and we do not have control over this. We recommend that you use strong passwords for all WordPress sites and hosting accounts, at all times.



Additional Hourly Services
If further technical assistance or updates are needed, we are happy to help with that. Just contact us for a quote on the services needed.



Payment Frequency Information
Payments are debited monthly from the date of sign up via Paypal subscription services. Maintenance plans will run continuously but may be cancelled at any time, with 30 days notice. If it’s not working out for you, no problem! We’re happy to stop the plan when needed, we just ask for a little notice.


Website Maintenance Packages Albuquerque

We are happy to answer any questions you have.

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