TGS Web Design – Website Redesign

I Know what you are thinking… It’s about time! Well the old saying about the mechanics car needing a tune up is completely true. After having our previous design and blog up for over a decade and after much success, I felt it was due for an overhaul.


Welcome to the all new TGS Web Design 2.0. In this latest revamp on the design and structure of my website I really wanted to pay attention to the use of white space. Really opening up the design and layout using larger and more modern fonts and giving breathing room for each element within the design. I love clean design and websites that pay attention to keeping it simple. Simple is the best approach when designing a new website layout. Modern design trends are great, but if you muck it all up with busy text columns and unorganized navigation. Then the value of the message get’s lost quickly.


So I hope you enjoy the new clean and very simple site. I look forward to sharing tips and tricks along with my thoughts in the coming years in an effort to help all our clients and subscribers in building a better web. Thank you for taking a quick look at our space and I hope you enjoy the layout.


God Bless and Smile – It will make you feel better!