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Web Design Cost Calculator Tool

Web Design Cost Calculator

Web Design Cost Calculator Tool


So let’s say that you are in the market for a new website.  You know for the most part what it is that you want your new website to accomplish.  However, understanding what that will likely cost you is an entirely different story.


I get frequent requests wherein business owners want a completely custom interactive website.  With requested features like a custom designed blog, interactive content, responsive design layout, video and audio feeds, social media integration and eCommerce store with customized shipping tables configured for them and a shiny new kitchen sink.  Then when I tell them the cost they about fall over.


Please let it be known, there isn’t a magic button that web developers press and boom! Instant website.  No, these things take time and a lot of work to create, test, launch and maintain.  There are literally no shortcuts for building a custom high quality website that provides an optimized user experience and is geared toward conversion and branding. 


So in an attempt to remove some of the mystery surrounding web design pricing, I have gathered up website design price quotes from a large cross section of web design firms from across the country.  From small independent freelancers, to medium size web development companies as well as a few large firms to keep it fair.  I then took the mean, or averages and adjusted the pricing to our specific market right here in New Mexico.


What we end up with is a close to accurate web design pricing calculator that will give you an honest price range for your project.  Now, please understand, this is just to give you an idea of what it might cost to build your website based on your inputs.  There are many other factors that need to be discussed before an exact quotation can be generated.  However, this is to help you in budgeting for your new website project.


So without further a due I present to you our Web Design Pricing Calculator.



Hope you find this to be helpful. If you would like a detailed proposal for your project, you can simply fill out your information and send it to us right from within the calculator. This is of course optional.