SEO Tips – Crazy SEO Claims

This seems like a good time to send out the warning to all business owners looking to score some extra web traffic. Not all SEO companies are created equal.  If you’re inbox is anything like mine, you receive multiple emails a day that go something like this…


Hi, my name is…  I can guarantee you top rankings in major search engine results….  YIKES!  What? 


Unless you want to ruin your online reputation and drop off the search results all together.  May I recommend for you to completely avoid companies that make such statements.  Anyone who has been in the SEO game for some time can attest to the fact that the only one who controls the search results are the search engines themselves.  If you are considering an SEO company that claims anything other than that.  May I suggest that you keep looking.


There still are many companies out there looking to turn a quick buck at your expense.  Sure, they can get you quick results and take your money.  However, those results can be short lived and the end result can be devastating to any business.  I have worked with many clients who’s websites have been exiled from major search engines all together and now require a complete do-over just to get them back into the game.  This can leave you in in the dead zone for many months and who can afford that? 


So for most of you, this is old news.  For those of you just getting started in the world of SEO, buyer beware.  Make sure that you are using a company that is well established and can provide you with measured and reliable results through proven activity that sets you up for long term online success. 



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