Does Google Buy Your Product?

I think it’s time that we stop bending over backwards just to please Google and take a closer look at our end users and how they interact with the content we are creating. After spending thousands of hours of my life trying to please Google with all their particular requirements only to have them change the rules every few months thus having the carpet ripped out from under me again and again. I realized something…


It’s time to take a different approach!


Unless Google is buying your product or service, then quit trying to sell it to them.

We should be focusing more on what the user experiences while visiting our websites, and less on what the search engines think of us. So with that being said, I am totally over it! I am designing with the user experience first, ease of website management second and lastly SERP (search engine results page).



Can we all just agree to make the internet a better place?

The game of SEO has become some invisible mantra that we all march to. Most are out of step, but still marching. I see video after video, and blog post after blog post, white board after white board and info graphics out the wazoo about proper SEO this & social media that. Most of this endless sea of mindless posts are downright filler for the sake of poor seo guidance and the constant feeding requirements of manic Google machine!




Come on people!


When did we decide to give up quality for quantity? Oh, yea that’s right, it was when Google released all it’s zoo animals on us. Still, we can do better than this. I feel as thought the internet has become a giant room filled with billions people all who are shouting at the top of their lungs at the same time.


Have you ever been in a conversation where the other person just talks about themselves the entire time? On and on they go as your mind wonders to the rock in your shoe. This is not how we communicate, at least not how to communicate effectively. The same goes for the web. Let’s all take a step back and think through what we are building, posting & propagating. Remember to always place your users first when generating any online content. Because the internet as we know it is out of control. Everyone is an expert at all things in all places at all times and it is all just noise!



Quality is not equal to quantity, and a good user experience is not usually what will rank you at the top of the SERP’s.


So let me ask you again… Does Google buy your product?