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Albuquerque website design & maintenance

Website Maintenance Plans – Need Website Repair?

Website Updates

I often hear from small business owners stating they simply don’t have the time or staff to keep their websites updated, error free and secure.  Many times, I hear of business owners trying to hire an in house website developer, only to find out that this approach is extremely expensive and almost impossible on a small budget.  So the team at TGS Web Design in Albuquerque put together comprehensive monthly website maintenance plans that are very affordable.  Let us take the worry and headache of keeping your site up to date and fresh with your latest content and updates.  We have a team of local designers and coding experts that can fix just about any issue you are having. You can sign up below or just give us a call if you would like to know more about it 505-903-4326.


Website Maintenance Plans


If you would like more details about our website service plans you can click here: (Website Maintenance Service Plans) or call 505-903-4326 or email


Albuquerque Web Design Services company TGS Web Design 505-903-4626

website management services

Local Albuquerque Web Design Company


Looking for a local Albuquerque web design company that can give your customers a great first impression?


Local Web Design


TGS is a local Albuquerque Web Design company serving clients in Albuquerque and beyond providing a full range of website design, web hosting and Search MarketingSEO services. We have been building quality websites since 2006 here in Albuquerque and can handle any size project or complexity. We offer a free web design consultation to discuss options and costs. Our focus is on creating beautiful websites that offer an improved user experience while accurately representing our clients business.


Because we understand that the website design creation is just the beginning. We also offer website hosting and support to insure that your website is up and running 24/7/365. With reliable managed web hosting services with responsive support services we are here when you need us. TGS Web Design also offers managed services to insure that your website stays up to date and secure. Protect your customers and your business with a managed web hosting plan today.


Contact TGS Web Design today for a free quote on building you a beautiful new website for your business 505-903-4326.


Simply click here to send us your request!

E Commerce Web Design

eCommerce Web Design

Need to get your product online?  TGS Web Design offers complete eCommerce web design services.  So whether it is southwest jewelry or clothing for babies we can help you sell it online.  Open up your product and store to a world of new customers with a custom eCommerce web design from TGS that works even while you are sleeping. 


A well built eCommerce website can generate a lot of business sitting in front of the entire globe. So if you have a great product or service that isn’t online yet, give us a call.  We can build you a custom eCommerce website in as little as five days. 


We have an eCommerce web design crew that can build your online store to function with reliability and measured results.  Don’t just trust your online store to anybody.  Go with a trusted eCommerce web design company that has a proven track record for success.  TGS Web Design has over a decade of experience when it comes to building quality eCommerce websites that perform day after day.  We also offer eCommerce website optimization services as well. 


Give us a call today to discuss your business eCommerce web design and see how we can help you get online and selling today.

Web Hosting Albuquerque

Web Hosting

Albuquerque website hosting services that are super reliable superior customer support.  At TGS Web Design we offer Storm web hosting servers and local Albuquerque high speed website hosting solutions to local  business as well as state and national companies looking for a fast and reliable web hosting company.  We keep our servers up to date with the latest in security and hardware that will ensure your website is running at it’s best 24/7/365. 


Our web hosting services gives our customers access to a full range of website management tools including unlimited email,  CPanel control, analytics and much more.  The web hosting CPanel is easy to use and well known for it’s broad range of functionality.  You don’t need to be a web hosting expert to run and manage your website on our servers. Even more, when you need help we are local and just a quick call away. 


If you do have a question we are just a phone call away.  You won’t be calling into a off-shore call center.  You will be calling us directly with our local phone number.  We have around the clock trouble ticket support as well.  So for reliable website hosting in Albuquerque, look no further.  We can transfer and set up your website for you at little to no cost when moving your website over to TGS Web Design Hosting services. 


How much should I invest in my website?

I am amazed at the number of business owners that refuse to invest in their website presentation.  If customers walk into a retail store and see broken displays, clothes on the floor and cluttered retail space, they typically leave without purchasing, and never return.  So why would one expect anything less when customers  visit  their online business presentation? 

I most often hear business owners state that they are only looking to spend the least amount possible on their website.  The trouble is, many of them simply don’t understand the importance of having a clean, well designed and easy to navigate website that accurately represents the business model and USP.  Much in the same way the new customers would leave the poorly designed retail bricks and mortar space, they will react the same when landing on your website.


 A solid strategy on investing in your website presentation would be to use a percentage of your annual advertising budget towards the design and maintenance of your website presentation.  After all,  a website is one of the most important parts of any successful business.  The average marketing budget for a company under $25 million ranges from 12.5 – 22% of annual revenue in 2016.  That being said the average small business owner will spend far less if any of this budget on their websites.


If a company has a gross revenue of $1.5 million and utilizes 22% towards marketing, then they should be investing a minimum of 10% towards the website, maintenance and updates to their web presentation.  This would amount to investing around $33k into their website and internet marketing each year.  Although many websites will cost far less than this, we are just basing this on averages for the sake of discussion.


The above scenario makes total sense when viewed as invested money and not money spent.  This is a very important point.  Because if done correctly, your website will help your business grow and not just be money spent without a return on that investment.  


So if your business website is currently a scraped together build-it-yourself type of design.  May I recommend having it redesigned by a professional, this will help in your quest to grow your business and bottom line.  For those of you trying to get a basic understanding as to “what should I spend on a new website?”.  I think it would be safe to say that the calculation above is a good starting point. 


If you are a new business start-up that has not yet determined a budget, then it is usually best to avoid the cheapest bidder approach.  As you usually end up having it rebuilt down the road and missing out on a large chunk of potential business.  The cost savings are far less than the lost business due to a broken or poorly designed web site and downtime.  

If you are in the market for a website redesign or a new web design, give us a call for a free estimate. 


Please note that we have custom website designs starting from just $499 – so no project is too small.  Happy to help any size business with their web design and internet marketing. 

TGS Web Design SEO in Albuquerque 505-903-4326.

Albuquerque web design

Web Design Dreams of Grandeur

Having been in the web design business in Albuquerque since 2005, and working in the industry since 1998 I have seen more web designers come than go.  I get calls every day from new graduates looking to get into the web design industry.  I don’t want to flatten ones hopes of becoming the next divine Albuquerque web design company however, one thing needs to be said.


The glory days of actually making money at being an Albuquerque web developer are close to extinct.  With the massive influx of everyone and their mother learning a few tricks in HTML and quickly firing up the old free website builder in their shared hosting account there has been a massive shift in the IT/ web design business model.


Clients expect hours upon hours of work to build them a unique custom web layout and demand W3C clean code, SEO & interactive functionality with a guarantee of future proof coding, flawless UX Layout with compatibility on all past present and future devices on the planet, not to mention a free mobile app to boot! (are you catching the sarcasm yet?)…  Then they cap that off with the old… “I am shopping you around, so I will get back to you” this only after you spent an hour and a half of your life working up a detailed specification document and a proposal for a whopping $500 worth of work that will take two weeks to complete.  Then after two in person meetings, eight lengthy phone conversations and three more design mocks you get passed up for a proposal that was $150 less than yours.  WOW, is this really the future of the once glorious web design industry?



Not so fast…  If you are seriously thinking about getting started in this industry let me start off by offering a piece of advice. 


These days clients demand more, and they should.

There have been far too many “Web Designers” who really don’t have a clue as to what or why they are doing what they are doing.  They get projects with that dirt cheap pricing then take the clients money and leave them high and dry.  Even worse they give them a sub-par website that ultimately does more harm than good to their clients business and reputation.



So for those of you still reading, you need to offer your clients more.  You must learn as much as you can and never stop learning.  Stay on top of the industry standards and do your research daily because things change fast.  Learn to master what you can and don’t be afraid to rely on others for help.  You cannot be a genius at everything. Pride can get you in massive trouble, so stay humble!  Follow the rules set by those who have taken the time to figure them out.  You will need to become a trusted resource to your clients and by simply offering to design their new website is not doing your client much good.  You must know all about the many facets of the business i.e. marketing, sales, psychology, browsing behavioral patterns, demographic behaviors, itch cycles, conversion paths, onsite optimization, off page SEO, Social integration, sales consulting, project management, scoping projects and on and on and on it goes.



The more of these skill sets you can bring to the table, the more of a consultant you will become.  Last I checked many business consultants make far more than web designers.  So if you really want to make a living in this game then you should think of yourself as a trusted consultant.  Don’t just blow smoke and hide under the “I’m a designer, see my Mac book” approach.  Learn everything that you possibly can about your craft and then perfect it.  Whatever you do, don’t use your clients as a test bed (aka – Microsoft).



You need to be sure that what you are offering to your clients works, and will do what you say it will, or don’t promise it.  I spend a good portion of my day trying to explain to business owners that not all web design companies are going to burn them, and under deliver in the end.  So many business owners are out to get the cheapest price only to have a terrible experience in the end.  Then, when all is lost they call us up and want to know why they are having such trouble finding a high quality web design firm



Having done this now for over a decade I can’t even begin to sum up all their mistakes business owners make when hiring a web development company.  However, you and I both know that when you pay cheap you usually pay twice, or in the case of web design, you pay until you figure out that cheap is not a good strategy.



If you are a business owner that is tired of broken promises and a website that isn’t working give the Albuquerque web design team at TGS a call 505-903-4326.  We are happy to help you in all aspects of creating a successful website that will grow your business, not damage it.



For those of you out to make a quick buck and give web design a “try”.  You may want to think again as this business has become a lot more work than most think (way more than a 9-5 40 hr work week!) and there is no room for the lazy  “but I am a designer” narcissistic types.  Be in it for the client as they are truly #1.  Remember what good old Zig Ziggler said “When you help enough people get what they want, you will end up getting what you want!”.  If you don’t know who Zig Ziggler is I recommend you Google him and find out.  



TGS Web Design in Albuquerque 505-903-4326

website redesign services

Update your website to mobile friendly and save your rankings!


So let’s say that you finally recovered from Google’s zoo animal updates and are finally ranking again. Well, get ready because here we go again!

Then you get this email from Google:



“Google systems have tested 180 pages from your site and found that 98% of them have critical mobile usability errors. The errors on these 173 pages severely affect how mobile users are able to experience your website. These pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search, and will therefore be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users.”





Now is a great time to do an evaluation on your current website. Is it “mobile friendly” & will it pass the test Google has in store?

If the answer is no then you will be demoted within Google’s search results over the next few weeks. This undoubtedly will cause major problems for many business that rely on web traffic generated by Google’s search results.



The clock is ticking

and this update will damage many business in the next few weeks as they roll it out. Don’t get left scrambling to recover and contact TGS Web Design in Albuquerque today. We can redesign your website into a mobile friendly website that will pass the test and allow you to keep your rankings and traffic. If you snooze on this, I promise you… You will wish you hadn’t.



TGS Web Design in Albuquerque can help you with website design, development, web hosting and seo for your business. We offer a turn-key solution when it comes to professional business website solutions. Call us today for a free consultation.



TGS Web Design in Albuquerque, 505-903-4326

Is Social Media Marketing a Waste of Time



The Numbers are in

and it looks like what it has always looked like.

Social media marketing is not worth the time that most are investing.


So let’s say that you have hired a team of “Social Media Marketing Gurus” and you have invested quite heavily in your ever expanding Facebook following. Now you are curious if it is making an impact on your bottom line. Without going too deep into the analytic tools for measuring a campaigns success, let’s just start with the basic numbers.


Numbers Don’t Lie


For the most part there is a very specific formula that every website has that allows the business owner to determine if they are heading in the right direction. A basic example of this is to calculate conversion percentages of the overall total amount of traffic that a website receives. Let’s say for the sake of this post that your website converts two percent of all online visitors into offline conversations. In that example, if you funnel 1,000 visitors through your website, you should receive 20 offline conversions or potential customers. No matter if you are selling a product or a service, there is always a metric that holds true. So without digging deeper into the referrals and specific sources and conversion percentages for each. Let’s just look at the top line numbers. Considering that all visitors are created equal, and most are not. You will see that the overwhelming answer to the effectiveness of a social media in general is far from overwhelming.



1 Years Data 2014 -2015 YTD


After analyzing mounds of analytic data I decided to keep it simple for this post. Because the data remains underwhelming when it comes to the total traffic generated from social media marketing, and even more depressing when you see the conversion totals from the social referrals. What I have found is that not only are the numbers terrible, but of the few that do visit via social media activity are simply lookie-lu’s & trolls. In other words, the traffic that you are paying the social media marketing gurus to bring you… Well, you would probably be better off generating long term value by building your brand in more effective ways and not cheapening it in the social media noise arena. I know this will ruffle a lot of feathers and fire up the social media trolls. However, something needs to be said about it. Sure, there are business models that are well served by a strong social media presence. That I would say is the exception and by far not the rule.


Organic Search Still #1


Yes organic search traffic is still the best and highest converting traffic that you can get to date. Provided that your website doesn’t scramble users brains and force them to go elsewhere i.e. poorly thought through design, navigation and conversion paths. The smart money is still on improving your website so that search engines can understand who you are and what it is you are about. Yes social media activity is helpful with this to some extent but should not be your primary marketing approach. My recommendation is to invest your marketing budget to align with the best traffic sources with the highest conversion numbers. Not all traffic is created equal. It really isn’t rocket science but it is mathematical. Do yourself a favor, and look into your analytic data. Find out for yourself if all that time is really worth the investment into your social media monster. My bet is that you will find social media referrals to have a low overall conversion if any, and that the total number of actual quality visitors is much lower than you thought.



Does Google Buy Your Product?

I think it’s time that we stop bending over backwards just to please Google and take a closer look at our end users and how they interact with the content we are creating. After spending thousands of hours of my life trying to please Google with all their particular requirements only to have them change the rules every few months thus having the carpet ripped out from under me again and again. I realized something…


It’s time to take a different approach!


Unless Google is buying your product or service, then quit trying to sell it to them.

We should be focusing more on what the user experiences while visiting our websites, and less on what the search engines think of us. So with that being said, I am totally over it! I am designing with the user experience first, ease of website management second and lastly SERP (search engine results page).



Can we all just agree to make the internet a better place?

The game of SEO has become some invisible mantra that we all march to. Most are out of step, but still marching. I see video after video, and blog post after blog post, white board after white board and info graphics out the wazoo about proper SEO this & social media that. Most of this endless sea of mindless posts are downright filler for the sake of poor seo guidance and the constant feeding requirements of manic Google machine!




Come on people!


When did we decide to give up quality for quantity? Oh, yea that’s right, it was when Google released all it’s zoo animals on us. Still, we can do better than this. I feel as thought the internet has become a giant room filled with billions people all who are shouting at the top of their lungs at the same time.


Have you ever been in a conversation where the other person just talks about themselves the entire time? On and on they go as your mind wonders to the rock in your shoe. This is not how we communicate, at least not how to communicate effectively. The same goes for the web. Let’s all take a step back and think through what we are building, posting & propagating. Remember to always place your users first when generating any online content. Because the internet as we know it is out of control. Everyone is an expert at all things in all places at all times and it is all just noise!



Quality is not equal to quantity, and a good user experience is not usually what will rank you at the top of the SERP’s.


So let me ask you again… Does Google buy your product?




seo albuquerque

Albuquerque SEO

Albuquerque SEO
No Contracts – Affordable! – Results Driven!


Albuquerque SEO company TGS offers professional local SEO or Search Engine Optimization to increase your website traffic, customer conversions and page rank in search results. SEO (Search Engine Optimization or Internet Marketing) can produce high rankings in the search engines and are critical to the success of any website. Our Albuquerque SEO team can optimize your website to achieve first page results in Google, Yahoo MSN and other search engines. Our Albuquerque SEO team will create a customized campaign to optimize the pages within your web site for maximum search engine ranking results. Contact us today for a free SEO and Website Marketing consultation for your current site SEO Marketing game plan.



SEO Services in Albuquerque

Local Albuquerque SEO Consultants
NO CONTRACTS – Month to Month Plans
SEO Pricing starting from just $499 per month
NO PRESSURE – Just Results RANKING RESULTS by Third Party Ranking Reporting System Content Discovery / Content Marketing


“TGS SEO & Internet Marketing in Albuquerque Gets Results!” Albuquerque SEO



Search Engine Optimization – Ethical SEO:



SEO Link Building

TGS Web Design SEO Internet Marketing Provides permanent one way quality links to help boost your rankings in all the major search engines. We hand submit every link insuring proper placement of the links in relevant sites that will bring quality traffic to your site.



Local Albuquerque SEO consultants to help guide you and avoid SEO pitfalls.



SEO Article Writing

With key word specific article writing our Albuquerque SEO team Will write up to 150 articles per month about your business and then submit them to PR sites and social bookmarking sites to increase your website traffic and page rank. This is a powerful way to generate some serious traffic to your site.



Social Bookmarking & Social Media Marketing

Social Bookmarking will increase both Page Rank and traffic to your website of people looking for your services. We have a vast network of up to 550 IP address that we use to hand submit links back to your site from major social sites. This is a powerful way to climb the ranks of Google, Bing and Yahoo search results.



SEO Analysis

TGS Web Design SEO will perform a complete analysis of your current website and provide a detailed report with the next steps to both increase your rankings in search engines and improve your websites performance. This is the first step in any successful SEO campaign. Click Here to FREE SEO Analysis.



SEO Ranking Reports

Our SEO Professionals will track and measure the success of our SEO efforts with monthly ranking reports. This will allow you to see in much detail exactly how we are doing.



On Page SEO

Take the guesswork out of SEO and let our team handle all your on page optimization. TGS Web Design will optimize your websites code so that it is search friendly and has all the right elements before we get started.



Contact Albuquerque SEO



SEO in Albuquerque, NM Need SEO Help? Hire TGS For Results

Do you want to acquire more business for your company? If so, then you need to consider TGS’s web design and professional SEO services. All companies, regardless of size, must have a professionally designed website to even get in the game. The problem is that many long standing and smaller companies don’t understand, or believe that they can acquire additional business by having a well built and SEO ‘d website.


In this day and age when most people are seeking out a specific type of service they don’t turn to the local Yellow Pages. Instead they head straight to the internet and run a search for the type of service or product that they are looking for. The internet has become the number one resource for information on products and services in the world. By making use of the internet potential consumers can compare one company to another to determine which one is capable of meeting their needs.


If your company doesn’t have a website then you are truly missing out on a great deal of potential business. Word of mouth and general in-print advertisements are not capable of producing as much business for your company as a professionally designed website with SEO marketing behind it.


The good news is that there are a variety of web page design services available to consumers that offer both SEO and Web Design. However, when seeking out website optimization services there are a few things to keep in mind.


First and foremost you will need to choose a web design company that specializes in business related websites. You’ll want to consider these company’s portfolios to determine if they have the type of design skills that can accurately represent your company’s mission. Additionally, you will most likely want to acquire the services of a company that can also design a professional logo for your business print as well as for your website for a consistent branding strategy. Though you may already have a logo, you may wish to update it at the same time that you launch your new website to keep things fresh, relevant and current.


Once your website is live and online you’ll need to be sure that it is appearing in all the major search engines. For example, if your website is based in New Mexico and specializes in “truck repair,” then you’ll want your website to appear in the top search rankings every time someone searches for “New Mexico truck repair.” To ensure that this is possible you will need to rely on a professional SEO company that truly specializes in SEO services and not just a web designer with a limited amount of SEO knowledge. TGS is a local web company that is here to help with both the design and search engine optimization of your new business website experience.


Many web design companies bundle their design services with optimization and hosting. A web design company who also specializes in SEO can code and design your website in such a way that it is more likely to appear at the top of search results for targeted keyword categories that you choose.


Albuquerque SEO


You’ll want to find a design company that bundles these two services together so that you can save yourself a substantial amount of money by single sourcing the project. Otherwise you may be forced to pay two separate bills for services you could have saved on if you would have taken your time when choosing a web design services company that specializes in both web design and search engine optimization services or SEO.



When looking to hire a local web site optimization, internet marketing and Web Design services company , look for a partner that can do all the above, and do it well. TGS Web Design offers local Albuquerque Internet Marketing Consultants to help you with Increasing your current rankings within the search engines through Search Engine Optimization or SEO, increasing your websites traffic and optimizing your online presentation to increase conversion paths and a better overall user experience. So try not to just look at getting more visitors to your website. Instead, look at getting the right visitors to your website at the right time when they are ready to do business. This is what Internet Marketing is really all about. Let TGS Web Design help you pull it all together.



Understanding Why SEO is Important For Your Website

Business owners have discovered that they have been able to increase their overall business from anywhere between 5% to 30% in the very first year that they launch their companies website. However, this is only possible if web site optimization services are considered and put into action immediately after launch. The problem is that some business owners believe that once they have their companies website in place, that visitors will automatically find and come to their website without any further efforts.


Though a company will receive visitors if they advertise in-print or via other forms of advertisement in their general area of business, they will never receive the type of traffic that is possible, if their website doesn’t make use of effective search engine optimization services. This is why SEO is so vitally important. Without it a company will fail to produce the traffic and profit that it is capable of producing over time and will eventually fail.


Web SEO is also known as “search engine optimization.” The idea is to code and design the website, along with creating content, that will make the website appear higher in search engine rankings, and provide for a better user experience overall. Experts in SEO based programming can take a website that is generating little to no traffic and can tweak it in such a way that it will immediately begin receiving more quality targeted traffic through the process of SEO.


One of the easiest methods of search engine optimization is making use of proper “keywords.” When you consider the type of services and or products that your company has to offer, you can most likely create a list of words that might be searched when people are looking for your services. Content can be created that can be added to your website that makes use of these keywords. However you want this to be user based and never spammed all over the page. The page needs to be set up so that it reads well and is still within the percentages needed.


Search engines such as Google and Yahoo will send what are known as bots or spiders to your website. They will review the content on your website and will note the keywords that have been used. They will then return this information to their search engine database. Now every time that a person runs a search that includes your search keywords, these search engines will know to show your website in their rankings. This is a super basic description of the totally complex algorithms that search engines use. There are hundreds of factors beyond this however, this is just to give you some idea.


If you are considering creating a website for your small business you’ll want to take advantage of web design companies that also have experience with SEO. By doing this you will be able to save yourself both time and money when it comes to the creation of an effective website. Companies that have experience in both the areas of design and SEO techniques are far more effective than companies that only have expertise in one of these areas of interest.


Additionally, by relying on a design company that also has SEO experience you will generally be able to acquire packaged or bundled deals on both of these services together. This will ultimately save you money in the long run.


TGS Web Design offers SEO services as well as web hosting so that you can save money by single sourcing all of your website project. From original concept to web design, hosting and search engine marketing we can help you all along the way. Contact us today for a free consultation and we look forward to working with you towards your success online.


TGS is currently Serving Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Los Lunas, Belen, Gallup, Grants, Socorro, TorC, Las Cruces, Roswell, Taos, Farmington, Hobbs, Silver City, Deming, Las Vegas, all of New Mexico SEO.


Contact an Albuquerque SEO Professional Now!~ Why SEO is so very Important for my website ~



Web Designer That Understands SEO


Your website is a true representation of your company. When a person visits your website they expect to be able to quickly and efficiently acquire all the information they are looking for within a few short minutes. Moreover, they would want to do this with as little effort as possible. However, if a visitor to your website discovers that they cannot find the information that they need or that they have a hard time understanding how to navigate your website they will more than likely skip over your website and companies services and will immediately choose another service provider online.


Additionally, many website visitors will immediately judge a company based on the general look and layout of their website. If they encounter a business website that appears to be designed poorly or that looks unprofessional then they are once again more than likely going to move on to the next service provider in their search.


This is why you must rely on the experience and skills of a professional website designer when you set about the task of launching your website. Or if you have a preexisting website that you feel needs a change to encourage customer purchases then you can also acquire the services of a web site designer to completely overhaul the look and layout of your website.


A professional website designer will have the experience and knowledge to provide you with a website that is capable of drawing in a visitors attention and convincing them that your company is their best option. These professionals know what drives consumers to shop online or to choose service providers online. However, without the skills of a web site designer on your side your website may not be capable of producing the positive results that you desire to obtain.


One thing you should consider when seeking out a SEO Company or website design service is whether or not they are familiar with SEO practices. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. You will want to be certain that the design service that you choose has a full understanding of the importance of making sure your website is Search Engine Optimized. Otherwise you may have a hard time getting your companies website to appear at the top of all major search engines. This could result in a loss of business.


Not all design services are familiar with SEO practices. Therefore, this is something that you will want to look for when looking at websites for potential design services. If you can’t determine this by viewing their website you may wish to contact them via their ‘contact’ page in order to be certain that they practice SEO and understand how to effectively implement it in the design of your company’s website.


If you keep these ideas and tips in mind you should have a very easy time determining which design services are the very best for you. Just be sure to take your time when choosing a design service to ensure that they will be capable of providing you with the expert services that you need to ensure the success of your company website.



Resource Box: When looking for a professional web site designer you must be certain they understand the importance of SEO Albuquerque. One website designer and SEO expert you can rely on is the Thomas Garcia Studio.


TGS offers a free SEO Consultation – Hire a Ethical SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization Firm Albuquerque SEO Specialist To Market Your Website SEO



SEO Company Serving Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Los Lunas, Belen, Gallup, Grants, Socorro, TorC, Las Cruces, Roswell, Taos, Farmington, Hobbs, Silver City, Deming, Las Vegas, all of New Mexico SEO. SEO Company TGS for Reliable SEO Services 505-903-4326.