What is accessWidget?

TGS accessWidget is the leading Al-powered web accessibility solution that makes websites accessible to people with disabilities, and compliant with the WCAG, ADA, and other accessibility legislation. By using Al and automation, accessWidget signficantly reduces costs and time, making web accessibility achievable for businesses of all sizes, from small to large enterprises.



accessWidget’s first stable version took 18 months of daily development in collaboration with people with disabilities. That process still continues today. Blind people, people with low vision, motor impairment, epilepsy, and other disabilities, all played a vital role in our research & development.


A game-changer in web accessibility compliance Effortless implementation and remediation


accessWidget involves a 5-minute installation of a JS code that scans, analyzes, and
fixes accessibility compliance gaps in up to 48 hours.


Upon implementation, accessWidget’sx interface allows people with disabilities to adjust your website according to their needs, without interfering with a website’s codebase, loading times, Ul, or design.



Ongoing compliance

After the initial remediation, accessWidget will re-scan and re-analyze a website every 24 hours to maintain ADA and WCAG compliance within any new content or
pages that are added.



Automation allows accessWidget to significantly cut the costs of becoming
compliant, and ultimately makes the process of web accessibility, accessible.
accessWidget costs as little as $890 per year, per domain for websites under 1,000
pages, with additional plans for websites with more pages.


Improved perfomance

Accessible websites enjoy up to 20% more traffic, prolonged dwell time, reduced bounce rate, improved SEO rakings, and better conversion rates.



How does the technology work?

accessWidget utilizes two applications that together achieve compliance. The accessibility interface is responsible for all the Ul and design-related adjustments, while the Al-powered background process handles the more com plex requirements – optimization for screen-readers and for keyboard navigation.


The accessibility interface covers about 30% of the requirements and includes adjustments for readable fonts, sizing, spacing, color contrasts, cursors, emphases and more. Users have the choice between accessibility profiles, standalone adjustments, or both. The profiles bundle together common accessibility combinations, that together address a specific disability, such as visual impairments, epilepsy, or ADHD.





Please note:

accessWidget will not change a thing for the majority of users. It will only be activated when turned on via the interface (or a screen-reader if the user is blind), as an overlay to your website and only to the user’s specific session. Therefore, accessWidget won’t affect your design, Ul, or performance at all. The entire process is automated. From remediation to becoming compliant. Additionally, we don’t collect user data, so we don’t affect your GDPR compliance.


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